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About Us

The Prettyology™ is a subsidiary E-Store by Duo Ecomm Enterprise (MA0273074-W) which are focusing on beauty personal & electronics product that could make your life easier.

About The Prettyology™

The Prettyology™ are mainly focusing on IPL hair removal device. Our innovative products allow you to DIY hair removal treatment at home and come with effective results which is similar to hair removal salons. While we’d love to claim it’s magic, the reality is laser hair removal is science.

Why Choose our IPL Hair Removal Handset?

Our IPL hair removal is safe, painless and effectively helps to slower the regrowth of hair after use. Everyone can enjoy salon beauty at home. Continues use over 12 weeks, you can enjoy natural and silky skin and maintain hairless.

The Prettyology™ Mission

With the new IPL Ice cooling mode gives you a cooling sensation & is 100% Pain-Free. With our simple to use, at-home technology you can easily use this IPL hair removal device for hair removal treatment at home.

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