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Why choose IPL hair removal?

  • Lesser hair regrowth: IPL hair removal treatments get to the root of the problem by targeting the pigment and destroying the hair follicle. Therefore if continue treatment for more than 4 week you may see significan lesser repeated hair regrowth over time
  • It’s more effective: Why is IPL hair removal the recommended choice? IPL treatment can target more inner hidden spots that are hard to shave & wax. The harder-to-reach places are usually left with the most unwanted annoyed hairs which can be reached by using Ipl hair removal handset.
  • More safe & privacy: No more feeling awkward or shy by visiting salons, You can remove all unwanted hair at home yourself privately. Portable hand palm size device you can bring it anywhere especially on vacation.
  • No more razor burn: Goodbye burning, sensitive, red, itchy and irritated skin after shaving. You may achieve smooth and silky results without using a razor. It's the perfect choice.
  • No more ingrown hairs: long term shaving causes ingrown hairs, infection, pimples and even skin pigment discoloration. With the new IPL technology which destroys the whole hair follicle. It effectively eliminates the risk of stubborn ingrown hair.
  • Time Saving: With all these busy schedules, hectic, and demanding lifestyles nowadays it is hard to find extra time to shave or wax. Save your time by using the IPL hair removal handset with longer lasting results as it slows the regrowth of hair after each treatment. Just takes roughly 30 minutes for full body treatment at home