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Why am I getting ingrown hair?

What is ingrown hair?

Generally, ingrown hairs is when we notice hair start growing under the skin. This is very common among people who have thick or curly hair. An ingrown hair is the hair that curls back into the skin which is not growing out from the skin’s surface.

The most common ingrown hair areas include beard, legs, underarms, pubic area, and chest. This is usually caused by shaving too frequently for long term.

What’s the sign and symptom of ingrown hair?

You will feel itching on skin, sometimes painful or having irritation around the hair which makes your skin dry, you will also see noticeable rashes or razor burns around the skin too. After the hair grows under your skin you will soon notice a bump on the affected area which looks much more like a pimple. It is reddish in color, itchy, slightly swollen and can be painful as well. These minor bumps can also become infected.

What Causes Hair To Grow Under The Skin?

Few common reasons of ingrown hair, which does not allow hair to grow back normally are:

1. Incorrect Hair Removal Practice

Shaving with the wrong technique is the most common reason for ingrown hair. Shaving carries the risk of nicks and cuts that may bleed and sting or even cause razor burns, dryness and itching which is a very typical symptom of ingrown hair. Infected skin areas might have a higher chance of causing ingrown hair.

Even with hair removal cream if your skin is sensitive, the chemical might cause irritation too.

2. Clogged Hair Follicles

Clogged hair follicles meaning the hair gets stuck in the follicles which causes ingrown hair. This usually happens due to dead skin , dirt and debris. When the hair follicles are not clean and get blocked, it may cause the hair to grow sideways into the skin. Ingrown hair can be easily seen, usually your affected area probably looks a bit darker and is noticeable before any discomfort or infection occurs.

3. Friction

Wearing too tight clothing regularly skin is usually prone to friction. This might cause ingrown hair too. You can wear tight clothing but not too often. To avoid ingrown hair you are advised to wear breathable clothing to avoid hair repeatedly rubbed against your skin.