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Home IPL vs. Salon Laser

Salon Laser hair removal: the popular salon treatment

If you want to remove excessive body hair, no matter where, laser treatment is a reliable but expensive option. It damages the hair follicles, but is innocuous for fair hair and therefore not effective.

You will achieve smooth skin after a few treatments. However, make sure your consultant informs you that there might be some risks of the skin sensitivity reaction that will cause your skin redness and swelling after being strained during the treatment. Laser slows the rate of hair regrowth making it a popular method for long term hair removal. Another popular and much safer method is the IPL. Both laser and IPL can be effective solutions for removing hair long term but there are differences between the two.

Pros: In the long-term hair growth is being slowed down.
Cons: Expensive long term treatment, no privacy

Home IPL: professional body hair removal at home

A good hair removal method is skin friendly. The IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatment puts the hair into the resting phase and prevents it from growing back. It can be used on all areas of the body.

The Prettyology IPL handset has 96.2% hair reduction after a few continuous treatments. This method is safe and privacy for DIY at home. Stick to your treatment schedule of every twice a week for the initial four to five treatments, followed by touch-ups when needed. The investment is offset by the long life of the IPL device lifespan and the long-lasting hair removal treatment results.

Pros: Visible hair reduction results, Skin-friendly & privacy treatment at home.
Cons: Investment that one time pays off for the long run.

Conclusion: Both Laser & IPL have the same function of body hair removal, therefore why spend more when you can pay lesser? Another plus point is IPL home treatment gives you more privacy moments, you can remove your hair anywhere anytime. Get yours now