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Can I wax before and after IPL hair removal treatments?

No, because waxing will remove the entire hair from follicles. Your follicles must contain hair for best results for any IPL or laser hair removal treatments. Any waxing session will interrupt any progress with laser hair removal including IPL hair removal. You may achieve the best results from IPL hair removal treatment if you use it in a correct way.

What does IPL mean? IPL stands for intense pulsed light, and it is a form of light therapy, which is similar to laser, it is used for various dermatological procedures including long term hair removal. IPL hair removal uses broad spectrum light which kills the hair growth cells by targeting the pigment in the hair. It works similarly like laser hair removal but for IPL technology it only uses one intense beam of light. The results of both of IPL and laser hair removal are very alike, and are used to slow down the hair regrowth by time but IPL comes with an affordable price.

Basically if you did waxing in between your IPL treatment you may not see the results. As waxing removes all the hair from the follicle but with our IPL handset, it needs to identify the pigment of hair in order to target the hair growth cell in  the hair follicles . Therefore, if you wax it removes all the hair including the hair root so there will be no pigment found during the IPL treatment which makes the treatment not effective

Conclusion, you are not allowed for waxing, plucking or epilating in order to achieve the best results of IPL hair removal treatment. However, you must shave first or use a hair removal cream before each IPL hair removal treatment.