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  • Home IPL vs. Salon Laser

    Salon Laser hair removal: the popular salon treatment If you want to remove excessive body hair, no matter where, laser treatment is a reliable but...
  • How effective is our hair removal handset? View here

    Real Proven Results by The Prettyology. one week once treatment results as below: recommend to do twice a week for better results  Before   ...
  • Reasons to choose IPL Hair Removal

    IPL hair removal is a long-term, cost-effective investment. It helps you to achieve a hair-free body with affordable pricing.
  • How To Treat Ingrown Hair At Home

    Here’s some tips to get rid of the ingrown hair as quickly as it appears. 1. Warm Washcloth Or Soft Toothbrush Ingrown hair can be gently taken out...
  • Why am I getting ingrown hair?

    What is ingrown hair? Generally, ingrown hairs is when we notice hair start growing under the skin. This is very common among people who have thick...
  • Can I wax before and after IPL hair removal treatments?

    Can I wax before and after IPL hair removal treatments?
  • Why choose IPL hair removal?

    Reasons of choosing IPL hair removal treatment