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What is IPL?

Is the IPL Treatment Safe?

Does it hurt during treatment?

How long does it take to see the result?

Does it remove hair permanently?

How frequently should I use it?

Which area of my body part can use IPL?

Is IPL safe for private areas?

Does IPL work for all hair colors?

Does IPL work for all skin tones?

Why is it not recommended on darker skin?

Should I shave before using IPL?

Can I wax before / after IPL treatment?

How long do I need to wait between 1st & 2nd sessions from the same area?

What is actually happening to my skin when I'm using it?

Can I use IPL with tattoos?

Can I use other removal methods in between these treatments?

How to use the IPL handset?

Does the IPL handset require a battery?

Does the IPL handset come with warranty?

What is the wavelength of this handset?

How many years can the IPL handset last?

Are there any recurring costs?

Is this IPL Device safe while pregnant / breastfeeding?

Can I use this IPL Device if I have freckles and moles?

Can I use this IPL Device before or after tanning?